EM Lock Door Access Control

EM Lock Access Door

X990 Attendance Machine

EM lock is capable of holding doors weighing up to 600lbs it also comes with indication device to monitor the status of the premises, whether it is opened or closed.This interface is linked with the card readers which authenticates the entry of any person. EM lock is used to lock the door, allowing the authorized user to pass-by. It can be used with our access control system and attendance system with specific interface that makes it usable with EM lock and Access Door strike or turnstile. It is used to resist the unauthorized movement in the offices or work set-ups.


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Technology Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Technology Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Long Term Living Facilities

Special Features:

  • Green/Red indication
  • Design with no Mechanical Bolt
  • Voltage and current spike protection PCB
  • Request - to - open, Auto - relock if no Action
  • Silent operation : no humming or buzzing

Technical Details:

  • Magnet(L X W X H ): 250 X 41 X 26 mm
  • Armature Plate(L X W X H ): 180 X 38 X 11 mm
  • Mounting Plate(L X W X H ): 250 X 25.4 X 6.3 mm
  • Current Consumption : 500mA/250mA
  • Voltage: 12 V/24 V
  • Voltage Tolerance : 115%
  • Holding Force : 230 Kg
  • Holding Capacity : 600 lbs
  • Temperature : 10°C – 55°C
  • Optional Accessories : L Bracket ,U Bracket ,ZL Bracket ,U Bracket for Glass Door

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