About IP PTZ

PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera) is a camera that supports remote control of direction (panning and tilting) and zooming (increasing and decreasing). PTZ cameras are designed for their specific application. Many camera lines offer unique features including the ability to pan, tilt and zoom to a preset position, providing an easy workflow. Camera presets are usually stored in the camera and can be recalled to robotically move the camera to a specific location.

Features & Benefits

  • Large Field of View. PTZ cameras move anywhere between zero pan/tilt and the full 360 degree pan/180 degree tilt.
  • Flexibility of pan/tilt allows for placement setup without having to worry about the need for further adjustments. Once the camera is pointed at the desired area, for further monitoring, the user has various options for viewing angles without the need for manual repositioning of the camera.
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Motion-Based Auto Tracking
  • IP PTZ camera is individually connected to a single network that is configured, either wirelessly or via Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet cables.
  • Zoom Capabilities


For a large coverage area, a wide-angle camera is a very beneficial method for surveillance, used by many homeowners. A pan tilt zoom camera is a kind of IP security camera, which can rotate horizontally as well as vertically to zoom in and out on smaller details.

Used of IP PTZ

  • Highway-For vahicle Movement
  • Building Terrace-For Coverage Building side areas
  • Playground- Viewing Activity
  • Open Parking Area- for Vahicle secruty
  • Factory Area Coverage
  • Collage/School Main Entry And Exit Point Covarage
  • Airports
  • Metro Station
  • Railway Station